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Heart & Hands


Have you ever been curious what your LIFE purpose is?


I have been drifting, trying to find the one place I will fit best and thrive. I have tried everything from working at a fast food restaurant, landscaping, carpeting, college, to working on powerlines. I loved working powerlines; it blessed me with the realization that I am meant for something more. With that being said, my true passion is LIFE - talking about it, living it, sharing it, making it, helping it, and hopefully... changing it for so many is what I want to do. 




Any type of insight or knowledge can have more value than money, so if you have any to spare email me at


If you want to devote money to a brand that will make a difference, put it into B.Y.E!  Reach out if you are interested in investing or have any questions. HELP me make B.Y.E into something real!

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