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{Be. YOU. Everyday.}

“Just be you…”


I have been told this statement more times than I care to tell... I used to be the type of person where I would lose my true self, trying to be the person I thought people wanted me to be. Throughout my life when I heard this statement, it always felt like I was a different person each time these words smacked me... I used to allow the attitudes and the words of others determine my value. In the past, I have been a doormat to people who supposedly “loved me..”. 


B.Y.E is not just a brand to me, but a way I can share my life and how I perceive it. Hopefully seeing my view, people will be able to benefit from it. B.Y.E is a metaphor for my LIFE. This is my way to be ME, and hopefully, make a difference in the world.


If YOU are ready to {Be. YOU. Everyday.} and say goodBYE to the things that keep you from being the true you, become a part of B.Y.E, and help normalize being YOU.

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